Last Christmas Eve, my pregnant daughter and her husband left my house and headed straight to the hospital. On Christmas morning 2014, I became a first-time Grandmother. All my friends had told me how wonderful it was to be a Grandparent, but little did I know what was ahead for me, my Daughter and my new Grandbaby until I experienced it for myself.

In this short year, I've learned (and am still learning) how parenting has changed from my Baby Boomer generation to today's Millennial one. It's been exciting, fun, interesting, joyful and frustrating too. There are so many new products, ideas, information, and procedures that weren't available to us Baby Boomers when we became parents.

I've also discovered that others like myself are searching for information on how to be a grandparent in today's society. I meet regularly with a group of grandparents and we discuss all aspects of parenting and grandparenting. We are always questioning each other and sharing information and ideas, which was a source of inspiration for this blog.

It been a time of change and discovery for me and my daughter's relationship now that she's a parent too. Please join me on this fabulous journey of self-discovery as a 50-Something Grandparent relates to her 20-Something Daughter and the millennial world around us!

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