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At The Dollar Tree?

A couple of weeks ago I had a parent and teacher meeting at the kids’ preschool.  After the meetings, my daughter’s teacher suggested to get flash cards at the nearest dollar store to help Lucia improve her letter recognition skills.  The Dollar Store?  I thought to myself, like I can find anything for a dollar these... Read more »

Why the Y?

Remember how I went from couch potato to the long lost cousin of Lance Armstrong? Or how miserable I was when I moved from Chicago to the cornfields?  Well, I could have never done it without the YMCA.  You know how some people go to church every Sunday to feel that sense of community, right?... Read more »

The Twilight Ride: Cycling for a Good Cause

More girls enjoying some fun time together!
What do you think will happen when you combine Edward Cullen, Jacob Black and an indoor cycling class?  You’ll get a room full of women getting the best workout of their lives.  Literally. It all happened shortly after I became a cycling instructor at the Y.  One day after my class one of the girls... Read more »

All She Wants to do is Swim, Swim!

How every day starts with Lucia… 6:00 am Honey Nut Cheerios with 2% milk6:30 am Toaster Strudel7:00 am Bowl of fresh fruit (usually bananas & berries)7:30 am Goldfish snack8:00 am Thank God it is time to take them to camp or I’ll seriously go broke. This is every morning with Lucia.  She seems to be... Read more »