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Changes: From Chicago to the Cornfields

Serve them with Mayo-Ketchup dipping sauce.  Buen provecho!
To say that we’ve moved several times in the last decade would be a huge understatement.  Our first big move was from San Juan to Chicago back in 2001 and ever since we moved to the Windy City all the other moves had been within city limits.  Both Enrico and I truly consider ourselves Chicagoans. ... Read more »

The Cubs: "Living la Vida" Wrigley

It was July of 2001, our very first time in Chicago.  Two Ricans, one big city.  There is nothing like the Summers in Chicago.  Here we have the best of the best.  Like good ethnic foods?  We got plenty of it, from Devon to Chinatown and everything in between.  How about night life?  The absolute... Read more »