So long

Today I say good bye to our Ay Mama! readers who have been with us on Chicago Now for the last 5 years. Life has gotten very busy with two children and a full time job. I never thought I would say this, but I don’t have the time to write a weekly post and... Read more »

Working Mom guilt

This is my 4 yr old's description of me as told to her pre school teachers.
Last Friday, I had one of the best days at my daughter’s school. It was the Mother’s Day Celebration and the pre school teachers didn’t forget a thing. The kids sang, read poems, served us treats. The decorations were adorable and the goodie bags included a sugar body scrub (I know, fancy) that each student... Read more »

Tell them what you want

My policy about gifts is the one my mother practices until this day: “Tell him what you want, leave no room for disappointing surprises.” Notice I said him, that’s because most of the time, my mother used that strategy with my father. She was all for surprises at the beginning of their relationship. They were... Read more »

Sleep specialist

I gave in, I threw in the towel, I called, well, I cried out for help. Coming back from a 5 day vacation where my four year old and I slept in the same room, her infamous and well documented sleeping issues were at their worst. She was not only waking up at 3AM because... Read more »

Back to school

Today marks the end of Winter Break for my pre schooler, FINALLY! You’d think she was in a Catholic school in Latin America where we celebrate The Feast of the Epiphany or Three Kings Day on January 6th. She has been off from December 21st until January 9th. After spending a week in Puerto Rico... Read more »

Red alert

I’m on Red Alert: that’s the level of anxiety I feel before my parents arrive in Chicago. They are wonderful parents that make me laugh all the time, but I’m the daughter of the best hostess ever. My mother loves to entertain, loves to have people stay in her home. She thrives in decorating a... Read more »

Swimming lessons

I am not the kind of person that will wake up at the crack of dawn to stand in line for concert tickets. So why did I end up in line at 6AM to sign up my toddler for swimming lessons?  There I was speeding to get there, when I  live 8 minutes away by... Read more »

Commercial will stop parents from texting and driving

I signed the Oprah pledge but I still do it. I text on a red light. I read my texts while on the highway and to add insult to injury, if I’m stuck in traffic, I’ll check Twitter and Facebook.  But yesterday I saw something that smacked me in the face.  Click here to see... Read more »