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Five tips against bullying

The three reasons she fights fearlessly against bullying.
Our guest blogger is mother of three and my high school friend, Dr. Maribel Gonzalez. She is a clinical psychologist specializing in bullying prevention and social skills training.  Maribel shares with Ay Mama! 5 tips to give your child if he/she is getting bullied.  Maribel is also the creator of the Girl Empowerment Training program which... Read more »

A voice of Asperger's

It all started when she saw my story on the Red Kite Project, a program from the Chicago Children’s Theater for children in the autism spectrum. Monica wrote this on my facebook page: “I’ve seen it this morning . As for me an adult with Aspergers (HFA) it was a great thing to watch. It’s... Read more »

Best Mother's Day Gift

“What would you like for Mother’s Day?” “I would like for them to leave me alone.”  That was the answer from mother of two (full time employee and wife)  and one of my best friends when I asked the traditional question. I was shocked; how could she want to be away from the two little... Read more »

Airlines and young passengers

I’ve always been a very apologetic parent, especially when I travel. I remember being the passenger dreading the possibility of sitting in front of a toddler who would kick my chair for 4 hours, blasting my I pod to muffle the piercing screams of a baby and /or praying that the mom traveling alone with... Read more »

Colicky Baby: Ay Papa!

There is rarely an easy fix for a colicky baby. Guest blogger Eddie Trujillo is  a father of 2 girls, including a colicky baby. He admits that as a problem solver, the last six months have been very frustrating. He has thought about an exorcist but haven’t we all when the baby cries all day... Read more »

Family heriloom

The painting hanging on the wall behind us was made by my Grandmother Ana. My remarkable grandmother, who I have the honor to be named after, took to painting with oil and tree bark after she retired from being a genetics professor at the University of Puerto Rico.  The bark on that painting is from a tree in her backyard. The painting depicts the small beach in front of the house my mother grew up in.  There is no better reminder of my roots in my home.
I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I’ve lived away from my family for 15 years (19 if you include college) but I find myself treasuring the simplest objects that remind me of home. From the moment I set up my first apartment, I’ve always made sure I had some decorations from my parents... Read more »

Charlie Sheen needs a vasectomy

Charlie Sheen needs a vasectomy
Yes, Charlie Sheen needs to go into rehab. Maybe at this point the Hollywood actor turned lunatic should be institutionalized. But I also beg to argue that Mr. Sheen needs a vasectomy ASAP. He can afford his children, that’s for sure. He is about to buy a sprawling mansion to hang out with them and... Read more »

Reward or bribe

I was so excited when she slept through the night on  Monday that I went to Target on Tuesday and bought all the Princess and Dora stuff on sale for a $1. I was getting ready for a week of rewards until the nanny's statement. Now the bag is in my trunk ready for future reward opportunities and/or a long flight to PR.
“If you want a popsicle, you have to finish your dinner first”. “If you want to watch TV, you need to brush your teeth first”. I find myself repeating these sentences almost every day in order to get my 3 year old to do as I tell her. If you’ve ever had a toddler or... Read more »

Toddlers and sleep

But who will go driving a three year old at 3AM so she can fall back asleep. Maybe I should start taking her to work with me. Ay Mama!
We have been blessed with a healthy, smart, beautiful little girl. With that said, we have been cursed with a child who fights sleep with every fiber of her being. We have a video monitor so we have see her trying to stay awake. Even talking to herself to stay up.  It’s been this way... Read more »

Day Care dilemma

I should have pulled the plug sooner. Like when Amelia was switched from one classroom to another on her first day at day care without anyone notifying me. Or when her new teacher was constantly absent or late and Amelia would end up in some other classroom. Or when I went to pick her up... Read more »