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Honored at Wrigley Field: Home of Chicago Cubs

From left to right: Steve, Me, Mom & Grandpa
My Previous Post > “GM Our Town, Our Heroes: Escalade Hybrid the Lap of Luxury” I nearly fell off the couch when I read the email: Chevrolet Invites You to a Chicago Cubs Game To thank you for being a Hero, we would also like to honor your good work by recognizing you on the field…... Read more »

Day Care: from hell to heaven

Amelia's first teachers @ new day care.  These two ladies showed my daughter love, patience and discipline. They kept in constant communication with me about my daughter's behavior and/or progress. They always had something lovely to say to each child.
As you have read many times, I have a lot of emotional baggage about nursery school.  When I was two and half, a day care teacher who put masking tape on my mouthbecause I wouldn’t stop crying because I missed my mom. (My mother immediately took me out of that place) But maybe the damage... Read more »

Happy Anniversary Chicago

My family is going through a bit of a rough patch. Mami and Papi are both facing treatable yet no less scary health issues. So you can imagine that when I saw 3 missed calls from my mother on Friday afternoon, I was dreading to call back. “Mami, what happened?” “Do you realize that 15... Read more »

Behind the Scenes

My Previous Blog > “And Dreams Do Come True…” I’m not gonna lie. I’m exhausted – absolutely, totally and completely exhausted. It’s been a crazy few weeks. I normally write my blogs well in advance, but not this one. It was written mere hours before being published. Why? Well, with all the excitement of Project... Read more »

3 Year Old Check Up

Am I the only one who feels like she’s going to a final exam when she takes her toddler to the yearly check up with the pediatrician? He doesn’t make me feel like I’m being tested. (I wish I could say that about the rest of his staff. To find out more click Just tell me... Read more »

The Pendulum Swings

It was so nice for everyone to come out in the dead of winter to help us celebrate our mom's birthday. She deserved it!!
My Previous Blog > “In Isolation: No Visitors Allowed!”  In January, Atia was released from the hospital after a brief three day stay. A few days later, she had a home blood draw and I prayed that her counts were high enough to resume chemo. Luckily, they were and she did. Seven days after she had... Read more »