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Touring WGN Studios

Doughnuts in hand, we excitedly arrive at WGN Studios during their morning newscast
If you missed last week and need a recap of all the insanity that lead to this moment, click here (it also included the hilarious videos, in which Paul Konrad rocked!) Last Friday, we hired two teenagers to do a group sit for the kids at 7AM, loaded into a van, and drove into the... Read more »

Snowpocalypse- Social Networking & The 2011 Blizzard

Sunday AM: The weather report on the AM news states a possible 1-3 inches this week. Nothing more. It’s Chicago, we do that every week. Noon: A post on Facebook says we’re in for the storm of the century. What? Where did this come from? 3 PM: Posts from all over the midwest claim a... Read more »

Back To School Freak Out

Holy crap. It is upon me. I left work eight years ago to raise my children until they were both in school full time. Well, that happens next week. My baby starts 1st grade and the oldest will be in 3rd. How can this be?  It is really the first ‘letting go’ in our family.... Read more »