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Like Sands Through The Hourglass, So Are The Hairs On The Pillow

Last Week’s Blog > “She Has What?!?! This Can’t Be Happening.” After much discussion and my brother-in-law, Mike the doctor, thoroughly reviewing the material, we decided to participate in the clinical trial. For us, it made the most sense. The choice caused us to transfer hospitals. Atia was defined as “Standard Risk – Low” and that was important... Read more »


“What race would you want us to list your daughter under?” Wow, now that’s a loaded question! I looked at my very pale, brown eyed, brown hair, tall two ¬†year old and was speechless. “Hm, white, I guess.” and I added “But she’s half Puerto Rican.” “Although she looks white”. Come to think about it,... Read more »