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Finally, a GOOD vacation!

Icacos beach, PR
As you might remember, the last time that Dylan spent time with my family, he was NOT on his best behavior. Tantrums, sleepless nights, general grumpiness…the boy definitely made us re-think taking him on any more trips for a long time to come! However, before we even decided to go to Disney World, we had... Read more »

Puerto Rico Vacation: Saying Goodbye

Lucia eating the yummy cream cheese frosting!
(continued from last week) During the last couple of days in Puerto Rico we were finally blessed with amazing weather.  We were able to take the kids to the beach and the pool several times with both family and friends; as you can imagine they were not nearly ready to go back to the cold... Read more »

Adventures in Puerto Rican Camping - Part 3

After my brother Jadit spent the first morning of our camping trip dealing with the Seven Seas, Fajardo authorities and getting a brand new window installed in his vandalized car, he was finally able to relax and start enjoying his day sometime around noon. To that end, he popped open a Medalla beer and announced... Read more »

Adventures in Puerto Rican Camping - Part 2

Lion Fish
As you know from last week’s post, during our recent trip to Puerto Rico, Bill, Dylan and I decided to go on a camping trip to Seven Seas, Fajardo, with my brother Jadit and my sister-in-law Arleane. After the park district turned on a light post right above our campsite, we all retired to our... Read more »

Vacation...All I Ever Wanted

The family is on our annual vacation!  I am a stay-at-home mom now. Naturally, the kids will be with us, so it’s not totally a vacation, I call it an “Out-of-Town Business Meeting”. I still have the same job with all the usual kid duties, I just now have a new kitchen to make lunches.... Read more »