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Up North, in Michigan's Wild Kingdom

Up North, in Michigan's Wild Kingdom
“Mom!” Yells 11 year old Zoe, all excited. “What?” I ask. “A brown ferret or weasel run across our beach!” she squeals. Cool, I think at first, then I worry that it may be someone’s pet that’s escaped or lost. Seeing as the day before, Zoe was running to the dock and heard panting next... Read more »

Out for coffee

My parents just left after a wonderful two week visit with us in Chicago. We did so much in two weeks: twice to the movies (who knew my Mom would be more scared of Brave than her granddaughter) , a day trip to New Buffalo, Michigan, dinners out at nice restaurants and experiencing “East Land”... Read more »

Buzz Off!

Ah, summer. The time for sunshine, outdoor play, bright, beautiful flowers in the yard, and of course, bees. I hate bees. No other creature strikes blind, terrified panic in me like those little buggers (well, maybe cockroaches. The giant flying kind from Puerto Rico). During summer vacation after my freshman year of college, I was... Read more »

T Minus 3 Days

Christmas is finally over.  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the Holiday Season but I am also happy that we are back to reality; well, at least for three more days since I am leaving for Puerto Rico on New Year’s day.  To do list before blast-off: -Take out all Christmas decorations -Finish all... Read more »

Back to reality

I’m writing from my Dad’s computer in my brother’s former room, talk about deja vu. This is the worst part of the vacation, the last hours before I leave Puerto Rico. I’ve had 8 days of family, friends and warm weather. After 14 years living away from home, I should be a pro at doing... Read more »

Day care cough

It’s not an official condition but I think my daughter has day care cough. A month after starting day care, she got a cold and hasn’t stopped coughing since. Well, I should say it has been much more than a cough.  As of October 18th,  Amelia has had a cold with a fever, pink eye,... Read more »

Florida! Here We Come!

Bye, Florida! We'll see you next time.
My Previous Blog > “Adults Only Weekend” By the end of February (2010), things were looking up. Atia had been undergoing Maintenance treatment for over three months and was processing it well. Asher was nearly five months old and more interactive by the day. Life was becoming somewhat “normal.” We decided to take a quick trip to... Read more »

Adventures in Puerto Rican Camping - Part 3

After my brother Jadit spent the first morning of our camping trip dealing with the Seven Seas, Fajardo authorities and getting a brand new window installed in his vandalized car, he was finally able to relax and start enjoying his day sometime around noon. To that end, he popped open a Medalla beer and announced... Read more »