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How Michael Jackson Slipped Through Her Fingers

New Jersey's Ladies' Night Out Fundraiser - Michael Jackson's autographed album just within Cathy's reach!
My Previous Blog > “Holy Hell! She’s Possessed!” Almost everybody has a celebrity they would love to meet; someone in a movie or whose music triggers unforgettably sweet memories. For my friend, Cathy, hers is Michael Jackson, and she tells a funny story about the night she almost took him home with her. Growing up MJ’s songs... Read more »

The Twilight Ride: Cycling for a Good Cause

More girls enjoying some fun time together!
What do you think will happen when you combine Edward Cullen, Jacob Black and an indoor cycling class?  You’ll get a room full of women getting the best workout of their lives.  Literally. It all happened shortly after I became a cycling instructor at the Y.  One day after my class one of the girls... Read more »

All That Glitters...Is Gold!

Adam Lambert
Lisa Matthews is our guest blogger for today.  Mother of three teenagers.  Soccer Mom, math tutor, swim team?  Been there, done that.  Now, she needs something new, something exciting…And this is how the Adam Lambert obsession begins. Okay, so I’ve watched Food Network’s Ina Garten prepare Jeffrey’s “Favorite Friday Night Chicken” at least a half... Read more »