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Airlines and young passengers

I’ve always been a very apologetic parent, especially when I travel. I remember being the passenger dreading the possibility of sitting in front of a toddler who would kick my chair for 4 hours, blasting my I pod to muffle the piercing screams of a baby and /or praying that the mom traveling alone with... Read more »

A Whale of a Trip - Part 1

When my parents mentioned last summer that they were planning a family trip to Disney World during the holidays, Bill and I immediately told them we would not be joining them in Florida. There were many reasons for us not to go. The expense was number one, of course. We also thought that, at 3,... Read more »

Back to reality

I’m writing from my Dad’s computer in my brother’s former room, talk about deja vu. This is the worst part of the vacation, the last hours before I leave Puerto Rico. I’ve had 8 days of family, friends and warm weather. After 14 years living away from home, I should be a pro at doing... Read more »