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Bath time fears

One of the hardest parts of motherhood (for me anyway) is the constant change. The baby sleeps through the night for a week. You think you have reached that milestone. You are done waking up in the middle of the night. You have reached REM for 5 consecutive days…BAM, you are awaken again by your... Read more »

Toilet training

Also stuck up on plenty of these while in training.
In our house there is football season, baseball season, soccer season and now toilet training season. I could read a book about it, consult her doctor or Google the topic but I did what I have done from the moment I got pregnant, I emailed Debbie.  Debbie is my cousin by marriage (our husbands are... Read more »

Traveling with a toddler

“You are brave” said a fellow passenger on the American Airlines flight to San Juan, PR when he saw my husband and I traveling with a 2 year old. I think he really meant that we were crazy  (and hopefully sitting nowhere near him) but all I could answer was “I have no choice”. This... Read more »