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A Bed With An Out

All Asher wanted for Christmas, beside the racetrack with a “red button making cars go,” was “a bed with an out.” And that’s exactly what he told Santa when sitting atop his red velvet lap. Asher is three years old and he’d been in the crib for all three of those years. He liked his... Read more »

The Roommates

A few days ago, and for the first time, my son Joaquin got scared in his own room.  I don’t want to sleep in the brown crib anymore, Mami! was all I could hear for a few minutes.  Since he is not one to make a big fuzz before going to bed, I went back to... Read more »

To Bribe or Not to Bribe?

When my daughter, Lucia, was born she slept in bed by my side every night.  It felt natural and easy to have our newborn next to me during night time and breastfeeding felt like a breeze.  Both Enrico and I loved it; we were happy with the family bed during Lucia’s first couple of months. ... Read more »

Moving...With Kids! (Part 2)

Add the whipped cream to the top of the pie and garnish it as desired.  Buen provecho and Happy Labor Day Weekend!
Continued from last week’s Moving…with Kids! After a long day of packing and unpacking it was now time to relax and slow down.  This was going to be a great night!  New house, new rooms, the kids were finally asleep; finally some downtime.  We were completely exhausted from our busy first day at the new... Read more »