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June Hymn

Summer seemed an ocean away when,a few months ago, I shared the lyrics to ‘The Decemberists’ “January Hymn“. Now with summer just around the corner, it’s time to share their thoughts on summer in their song from the same album, ‘The King is Dead’:”June Hymn”. (For a live performance of the song, click here.) Personally, I... Read more »

January Hymn

Oh, January. We’re here- at least those living in colder climes- braving through what I feel is the worst time of the year. The holidays are over, and in fact, there aren’t many days off for a long, long time. It’s cold. It’s dark. Sigh… Calgon… Damnit, I’m not gonna stew in it. Bite it, SAD. The days are getting longer-we have... Read more »

A "Celebrity Rehab" Addict

“There are times life will rattle your bones and will bend your limbs. So you bend back and shake at the frame of the fame you made, but don’t you shake alone”- The Decemberists As we did our final check-in on the latest round of patients Sunday, I realized I am way more invested in... Read more »