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A 3 year old Pitbull fan

I admit it, it’s totally my fault. As soon as I noticed my daughter liked my Latin music, I would blast my favorite hits for her. Amelia especially liked “merengue”, percussion and horn ladden rhythms from Dominican Republic, and “regueton”, a recent musical phenomenon closely related to rap.   It all started with pop star... Read more »

Learning to Read

Cooper is starting to read!  It is so cool to see him sound out letters.  The look on his face when he realizes putting sounds together makes a word is priceless.   Reading to the boys has always been a priority for us.  Ken and I read to them at least twice a day, two books... Read more »

The Target bag

It was a constant battle between us from the moment I married her son. I couldn’t tell my mother in law Adrian I liked something because she would have 5 of them for me during our next visit. It was great when it was a toaster oven her son didn’t want to get for us,... Read more »

New Year's Nesting: Getting "Life" in Order

We are happy to welcome back, Lisa Matthews, as our guest blogger.  Enjoy!  For the past the past several years, on Christmas Day, my teenage son retreats upstairs to his room with all his loot, clothes, posters, trinkets, etc. that Santa, et al. left for him under the tree Christmas morning.  He hibernates upstairs for... Read more »

The Spirited Kids

Has someone ever told you Oh my goodness, your kids have a lot of personality! Or have you ever heard something like Wow!  That kid sure is a leader!  Well, a few months ago one of our neighbors saw my daughter, Lucia, ordering us around and he smiled and said  Uh-oh!  You have a little... Read more »

All She Wants to do is Swim, Swim!

How every day starts with Lucia… 6:00 am Honey Nut Cheerios with 2% milk6:30 am Toaster Strudel7:00 am Bowl of fresh fruit (usually bananas & berries)7:30 am Goldfish snack8:00 am Thank God it is time to take them to camp or I’ll seriously go broke. This is every morning with Lucia.  She seems to be... Read more »

Trading spaces

It’s 6AM on Sunday and I’m waiting for the frame place to open. We are picking up the last piece to complete what my husband has entitled our own version of Trading Spaces. Except we are doing this ourselves, there is not another couple in this race against the clock to redecorate our apartment because they think... Read more »