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Color Dunk- an Awesome Pool Game

Color Dunk- an Awesome Pool Game
Aaaahhh summer is upon us. BBQ’s, the kids running around like crazy people. Nightly firefly catching sessions. Days at the pool. Camps. Camping. Fighting. Getting on each others nerves. Parents losing patience, waiting for school to start up again… I have the cure! (It’s almost as good as a family pillow fight for alleviating your... Read more »

Busy Boy

Once naptime goes out the window, it’s amazing how many hours there remain in the day to keep a little boy entertained. My son is not one to go quietly to a corner and play with his toys by himself. He demands company and active participation. His preferred method of play involves running, roughhousing and... Read more »

Bath time fears

One of the hardest parts of motherhood (for me anyway) is the constant change. The baby sleeps through the night for a week. You think you have reached that milestone. You are done waking up in the middle of the night. You have reached REM for 5 consecutive days…BAM, you are awaken again by your... Read more »

Learn To Swim

This fall, if asked what we did this summer, we can honestly answer that we went swimming nearly every day. Every-Day. Sun or clouds, hot or cool. We swam.  I call it “Immersion Therapy”. Go to the pool. Swim. Play. Swim. The kids look forward to it and even beg me to go. We even... Read more »