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I hate it! I hate it!! I HATE IT!!!

I hate puberty and the stinky hormones it rode in on. I have to focus my anger at this necessary phase in life because if I don’t, I’ll start tossing cars at my son and any girl who fits the definition of a teenager and even smiles at or waves her fingers his way. I’ve... Read more »


…I need a moment.  I’ve been saying that a lot lately.  A few days ago, when the 12-year-old came home from school sounding like Donald Duck on helium the first thing I told him was, “I need a moment.” I didn’t want to laugh in the boy’s face, so in that moment, I composed myself... Read more »


I’m pretty clear that I’m a boy mom. I think boys are cool (and stinky and odd) and a lot less maintenance than girls. My boys are 12 (Genesis) and 9 (Noah) years old.  I think they are cool (and stinky and odd) and beautiful and I can’t wait to see them as men.  But... Read more »