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Day Care: from hell to heaven

Amelia's first teachers @ new day care.  These two ladies showed my daughter love, patience and discipline. They kept in constant communication with me about my daughter's behavior and/or progress. They always had something lovely to say to each child.
As you have read many times, I have a lot of emotional baggage about nursery school. ¬†When I was two and half, a day care teacher who put masking tape on my mouthbecause I wouldn’t stop crying because I missed my mom. (My mother immediately took me out of that place) But maybe the damage... Read more »

Saying Goodbye to the Nursery

Well it’s official…no more babies for me.  I basically already knew that after Cole was born, but nothing makes it more real than when you take down the nursery.  That’s what I did a few weeks ago.  Cole turned two in November and it was time for him to move into his big guy bed. ... Read more »