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An Ultrasound, A Hospital Tour & A Spinal Tap

Last Week’s Blog > “SQUISHED! I Was Soooo Squished” The hospital stay caused a delay in Atia’s treatment and therefore affected my meticulously crafted plan – the phase end date went from October 16th to October 23rd… I was gravely concerned because I was due with baby #2 on November 1st. That only allowed 9... Read more »

But It's Not Time Yet...

Last Week’s First Blog > “An Ultrasound, A Hospital Tour & A Spinal Tap” Last Week’s Second Blog > “Weekly Reader’s Choice Finalist” As I mentioned in last week’s entry, on Friday October 9th, I was 36 weeks 5 days pregnant. I had been experiencing contractions all day long, including the six hours spent at... Read more »