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Camp withdrawal

Camp is over and no, the 4 and half year old is not the one who is going to have withdrawal, it’s mostly her parents. ┬áPre school doesn’t start for 4 more weeks. What am I going to do with my Energizer bunny? It’s not like camp was taking care of her boundless energy, but... Read more »

The Sounds of Christmas

Can you feel it?  Christmas is in the air.  At our house, you can more than feel it…you can hear it.  Christmas is in the air in the way of music as my boys are addicted to Christmas music.  They are running around the house singing and dancing to Frosty, Jingle Bells, you name it…they sing... Read more »

The Holidays...Chicago Style!

Christmas is one of Chicago‘s best seasons…it makes winter tolerable for a while!  Being a Chicago-native, I have so many favorite holiday memories from my childhood that I am trying to pass onto Cooper and Cole.  I know the holidays are a busy time, but here are a few options for you to consider checking out... Read more »

Happy Fall Equinox

Today is the Fall (Autumnal) Equinox.  Technically, it is when night and day are nearly of the same length and the Sun crosses the celestial equator moving southward.  It layman’s terms, it means the first day of fall is here and summer is officially over…BUMMER!   During my July 8th entry, Yikes…Summer Is Half Over,... Read more »

Cooper's 2010 Chicago Tour

Cooper loves Chicago.  He wants to work there, live there, go there everyday.  He loves the ‘towers’ (tall buildings), Lake Michigan, the statues, the museums, everything…except the traffic.  Even a three-year old recognizes Chicago has traffic issues.       One day we were visiting Amelia and he found her book Good Night Chicago.  Cooper was hooked!  It’s a... Read more »