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Atia and Songs of Love on WGN-TV

Getting ready to go out and play.
My Previous Blog Entry “> Florida! Here We Come!” Atia, Atia, we love you. You shine brighter than the stars, the sun and the moon. You’re an angel from heaven above. You fill us up with love. Upon our return from Florida, we were back in the SPA (special procedures area) atĀ Comer Children’s hospitalĀ for a... Read more »

That's What the Song Says?

I love music. I come by it naturally, as my Dad has thousands and thousands of reels, albums, tapes, CDs and maybe even a few MP3s in his collection. Music can cheer us up, make us cry. Take us back to that 8th grade dance, or remind us of that one concert when… I love... Read more »