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Building Friendships for Life

Growing up I remember having a lot of friends; most of them were my neighbors and kids from school.  Shortly after my parents divorced, my Mother, sister and I moved to Seville, Spain; where I lived for four years of my young life.  I still remember bits and pieces of the friends that I made... Read more »

Moving...With Kids! (Part 2)

Add the whipped cream to the top of the pie and garnish it as desired.  Buen provecho and Happy Labor Day Weekend!
Continued from last week’s Moving…with Kids! After a long day of packing and unpacking it was now time to relax and slow down.  This was going to be a great night!  New house, new rooms, the kids were finally asleep; finally some downtime.  We were completely exhausted from our busy first day at the new... Read more »

Moving...With Kids! (Part 1)

Over a week ago we moved to a house for the first time since we were kids.  We’ve always been apartment people; that’s usually the way to go when you live in a city.  No parking, small spaces and zero closet space is the absolute norm in most Chicago apartments.  In less than a week,... Read more »