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A Mediterranean Cruise Story: It Happened in Naples (Part 3)

Exhibit C:  Back home at the pool with the kids.  Don't leave for tomorrow what you can wear today!
(Continued from A Mediterranean Cruise Story:  The Lucky Charm) The next morning we arrived in Athens, land of gods and goddesses.  Frances, my sister-in-law, lend me an outfit and the belt to wear during the day.  We had a long and very hot and humid day ahead of us, two umbrella strollers, two kids under... Read more »

A Mediterranean Cruise Story: The Lucky Charm (Part 2)

Modeling my little black dress!
(Continued from last week’s A Mediterranean Cruise Story) We were on the bus from Taormina to the ship and everyone was talking about the beautiful  Sicilian town.  All I could think was I am finally going to wear eye cream tonight, this sun is killing me!  As soon as we got to the ship both... Read more »