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This is the End... and a Beginning

This is the End... and a Beginning
After three and a half fun years of writing for ‘Ay, Mama!’, the moms have decided to call it quits. I was ready, to tell the truth, and I am so thankful to have had such an unique opportunity. It still saddens me, especially after looking back at all we’ve been through together. …fuzzy dream segue… We... Read more »

For Old Times Sake -or- The Meaning of Auld Lang Syne

Look familiar? Probably not… This is my blog from last year, when my publishing day fell ON New years Eve, and many, myself included, were too busy to sit and read a blog. I figured I should reprise it, as it teaches us something about what we’ll sing tonight, AND, well, you try to write... Read more »

Zombies! Apocalypse? End of Days...C'mon!

We have been bombarded with disasters.  Blizzards. Earthquakes. Tsunamis. Floods. Tornados (in Massachusetts!). Forest fires. Oil Spills. Nuclear meltdowns. Now the dire predictions of an active hurricane season… It seems like every day I see another town flattened by a devastating event. I mean, destroyed.  Rubble fields where there were once subdivisions. Death tolls. It is... Read more »

Sick, and Tired of It!

My house has had someone sick in it since Christmas. We all made it through that day great (phew), but the next day, while we were at Da Bears game, it all began (fuzzy transition segue). 4 doctor visits 1 croup diagnosis- which returned on New Years Eve, forcing us to cancel our trip to... Read more »

Talkin' About A Resolution

“May all your troubles last as long as your New Years Resolutions”- Joey Adams This quote is on the marquee at The South Church. We habitually read these posts on our way to Zoe’s school. They’ve even had Albus Dumbledore up there. Nice. Anyway… this prompted Zoe to ask what a resolution was. So I... Read more »

For Old Times Sake -or- The Meaning of "Auld Lang Syne"

Those people you used to know and hang out with? Well, forget about ’em! That’s essentially what you sing every new year at the stroke of midnight, after you’ve kissed your sweetie. In typical Scottish tradition, “Auld Lang Syne” can mean either the above title phrase, ‘for times long past’, or even ‘long, long ago’. It was... Read more »

Gilding the Christmas Lily

Guest writer Randy Southern returns, but no tear jerker this time, just a great story of Christmas. “Do you think Santa Claus will bring me a Sweet Magic Kitchen if I write him a letter?” My ears pricked up. It was the first time my four-year-old daughter had asked for something specific for Christmas. She’d... Read more »

An Area Weather Curmudgeon Rants

My husband is famous (or infamous) for his rants. There are several occasions, when in rare form, when people would actually follow him around at a concert or a party just to see what would come out of his mouth next. When that man is on, he is ON. Well, winter is upon us, which... Read more »

Black Friday

“No one goes there anymore, it’s too crowded“- Yogi Berra And, hey- shouldn’t you be out amongst the hoards instead of sitting at your computer? (Smart phones excepted, especially if you’re waiting in line). It’s Black Friday! There is a 32″ plasma at Target for $350 if you get there by 4:30 AM.  Or, maybe... Read more »

What, Me Worry? (thank you Mad!)

We parents fret. We stew. Worry. We have the ability to see events three steps into the future-and worry over that. Apparently, it never ends, as I have asked parents with grown children about this, and they all say they still worry about their adult ‘babies’.  This should be official welcome into parenthood: “Congratulations on your... Read more »