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Our Atlantis Wish Trip: Part 1

My Previous Blog >  “Make-A-Wish: Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas”Though it was nearly six months since we’d first begun the Make-A-Wish process, it was hard to believe the day had finally come. We were going on our Wish Trip! To maximize our time in the Bahamas, we had an incredibly early departure time and an... Read more »

Make-A-Wish: Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas

A Quick Group Picture Before Nicole and Katie Left.
My Last Blog > “Art Collection for Your Children“ Last September when Atia turned three years old, our child life specialist referred us to the Make-A-Wish foundation. Within weeks, three wish granters – Dina, Katie and Nicole – came over to our house for the initial meeting; they were kind, full of energy and donned smiles from... Read more »