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It's Totally Lost

I never lose anything. I still have my original college ID. OK, maybe not a big feat over the last 20-some years, but I lived with it daily for 4 years and never lost it once. Last Tuesday (or possibly Wednesday), I lost my license, credit card and $15. Gone from the face of the... Read more »

Fall TV Quagmire

I’ve done it yet again this year. I need an intervention. I DVR nearly every new fall show. I love TV, and am thrilled the muckety-mucks in Hollywood finally realized that we don’t want line-ups with only ‘reality’ tv, and have recommitted to the scripted shows again. Huzzah! However, the thought of missing one of these new, scripted work... Read more »

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Joaquin @ 1
My husband Enrico, my guest writer for Father’s Day Week, gives meaning to the famous LOST numbers.  Enjoy! As I was awaken, yet again, from my uneasy slumber by my restless daughter Lucia; I struggled once more to quiet my mind and revert back to REM state.  You see, in my household as the Father... Read more »