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Preterm and in the NICU

Last Week’s Blog > “All The Single Mothers, Put Your Hands Up!” Asher was born 3 weeks and 2 days early. While in labor (after the epidural, thank goodness!), my OB/GYN warned me that Asher would be considered preterm and as a result a team of doctors from the NICU would need to examine him immediately. She would be unable to place... Read more »

Mother's Day Week

Ay Mama! is celebrating Mother’s Day for a whole week. Yes people, we deserve that and a lot more. Our wonderful mommy bloggers will write Mother’s Day related entries all the way through Sunday. Enjoy! Believe it or not this is not an easy entry for me to write. I get all teary eyed when... Read more »

But It's Not Time Yet...

Last Week’s First Blog > “An Ultrasound, A Hospital Tour & A Spinal Tap” Last Week’s Second Blog > “Weekly Reader’s Choice Finalist” As I mentioned in last week’s entry, on Friday October 9th, I was 36 weeks 5 days pregnant. I had been experiencing contractions all day long, including the six hours spent at... Read more »