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Kids and technology

Motherhood has taught me,time and again, that you can never say never. Case in point, I told my husband I would never buy our toddler her own iTouch.  “She’s 2, she can’t have a device that costs over $100.”  Well, Amelia doesn’t have her own iTouch, but uses one of our old iPhones to watch her... Read more »

Our Day With Thomas

Last Friday, we went to Union, IL to visit the Illinois Railway Museum for our “Day Out With Thomas” event.  It was a blast!  If your children like Thomas the Train, you will love this event.  If your children like trains, you will love this event.  If your children like to just wander around and... Read more »

From Filofax to iPhone: One Mom's Journey Back into the World of Dating

My friend, Jodi Rosen, is our guest blogger today. She’s funny, smart and charitable, but most importantly she’s the mother of two beautiful children. Jodi also happens to be divorced and is navigating through the challenges of being a single parent. She’s found it to be somewhat of a balancing act to be both mom and “back... Read more »

WychList: a New Shopping List iPhone App

Last Week’s Blog > “Comer Children’s Hospital at The University of Chicago” This week I’ve decided to deviate from Atia’s leukemia story because something quite exciting has happened and I HAVE to share it… My husband has just launched a brand new shopping list iPhone application (app) called, WychList. Get it? It’s a play on... Read more »