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Big Milestones All Around

Nana and her grandchildren.
My Previous Blog > “When Mother’s Day Became MY Day” Shortly after Mother’s Day, we headed down to Springfield, IL for my nephew’s Baptism. My sister, Julie asked me to be Paxton’s godmother. I was honored, thrilled and immediately accepted. I’m one lucky Auntie! I also have the privilege of being my niece’s godmother, too.... Read more »

Caution: Contents Under Pressure

Charleston has the same relaxing effect on Emerson as it does on us.
We are happy to welcome back Angela Mead as our guest blogger. Today, she is sharing her experience with breast feeding. Angi has written for us twice in the past in The Corporate Traveler’s Wife  and Girls’ Night Out Every Night.  So I just spent the last twenty minutes in the steam shower massaging my left…tata.  It’s not what it... Read more »