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Embracing Your Figure

Last week after my cycling class, I decided to do some weight training for my arms.  Since I do so much cardiovascular work, sometimes it is difficult to find time for weights, but I try to lift at least three times a week to get some muscle tone.   There I was, listening to Marc Anthony,... Read more »

A Stress Fracture

To die for!  Follow the instructions from the Joy of Baking and you'll fisnish up with a masterpiece!
Not too long ago a friend of mine gave me a certificate for a one hour foot massage for my birthday.  A foot massage?  This sounds like fun!  I thought to myself and off I went for my one hour massage.  To tell you the truth it was a pretty amazing experience, since the masseuse was... Read more »

Why the Y?

Remember how I went from couch potato to the long lost cousin of Lance Armstrong? Or how miserable I was when I moved from Chicago to the cornfields?  Well, I could have never done it without the YMCA.  You know how some people go to church every Sunday to feel that sense of community, right?... Read more »

The Twilight Ride: Cycling for a Good Cause

More girls enjoying some fun time together!
What do you think will happen when you combine Edward Cullen, Jacob Black and an indoor cycling class?  You’ll get a room full of women getting the best workout of their lives.  Literally. It all happened shortly after I became a cycling instructor at the Y.  One day after my class one of the girls... Read more »