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A Very Nice Visit

A Very Nice Visit
A couple of weeks ago, I got a call from my Mom saying that she was going to come over to visit us for a month.  Her plan was to visit my dear sister, Lisa, in Chicago and then take the Mega Bus to Indianapolis to spend the other half of her trip with us. ... Read more »

Why the Y?

Remember how I went from couch potato to the long lost cousin of Lance Armstrong? Or how miserable I was when I moved from Chicago to the cornfields?  Well, I could have never done it without the YMCA.  You know how some people go to church every Sunday to feel that sense of community, right?... Read more »

Building Friendships for Life

Growing up I remember having a lot of friends; most of them were my neighbors and kids from school.  Shortly after my parents divorced, my Mother, sister and I moved to Seville, Spain; where I lived for four years of my young life.  I still remember bits and pieces of the friends that I made... Read more »