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American Idol's Lee DeWyze Viewing Party Wednesday Night!

Click Here for our Regularly Scheduled Tuesday Blog > “Random Acts of Kindness”    Lee at his hometown visit FOX is coming for a live feed Wednesday night to Mt. Prospect’s Village Hall. Here is the official Press Release: Mount Prospect resident Lee DeWyze is one of AMERICAN IDOL’s top two finalists. In celebration of... Read more »

American Idol Lee DeWyze 's Hometown Visit (Part 2)

8 AM It begins with a news helicopter hovering at our house.  8:30AM Watch Lee on the news do a decent job of weather reporting. “It’s pleasant, but Monday- look out!”  t 9 AM: drop off at school, it was a sea of neon green (I have now dubbed it hi lighter)  9:15 AM: Went downtown to see if... Read more »