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The Ladybug Bash Was A Smash!

The Ladybug Bash Was A Smash!
My Previous Blog It’s been several weeks since the 2nd Annual Ladybug Bash and I’m still receiving rave reviews about the event. I can’t help but beam with pride when folks tell me how much fun they had, how incredibly impressed they were with the venue and décor, how delicious all the sweet and savory... Read more »

How Michael Jackson Slipped Through Her Fingers

New Jersey's Ladies' Night Out Fundraiser - Michael Jackson's autographed album just within Cathy's reach!
My Previous Blog > “Holy Hell! She’s Possessed!” Almost everybody has a celebrity they would love to meet; someone in a movie or whose music triggers unforgettably sweet memories. For my friend, Cathy, hers is Michael Jackson, and she tells a funny story about the night she almost took him home with her. Growing up MJ’s songs... Read more »

Are you a "Glam Cam" Reject?

Love & Glitter!
Do you remember my friend Lisa Matthews and her Adam Lambert obsession?  Well, I asked her to be my guest blogger for this week; so prepare to enjoy a hilarious entry from my always funny friend, Lisa. For those of you who read my first guest blog you know how insanely obsessed I am with... Read more »