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The Grandparents Effect

It’s an amazing phenomenon…I call it the Grandparents Effect.  It’s what happens to your parents once you have children.  They become these people you don’t know…you have never met them before.  Your parents do things you never thought they would do.  In regards to their grandchildren, grandparents act completely differently than they did when they... Read more »

Grandpa's Second Chance, Courtesy of His Little Angel

Papa and the family sporting silly bunny ears at Easter two years ago - Julie and I were both pregnant with our sons.
My Previous Blog > “Big Milestones All Around” Papa and Cierstin, his Little Angel I have fond memories of my grandpa sitting in his La-Z-Boy recliner which sported a custom-fit, patchwork patterned sleeping bag with a metal zipper (the Snuggie precursor).  On the opposite side of the living room, my grandma had an exact replica. Every... Read more »

A Whale of a Trip - Part 1

When my parents mentioned last summer that they were planning a family trip to Disney World during the holidays, Bill and I immediately told them we would not be joining them in Florida. There were many reasons for us not to go. The expense was number one, of course. We also thought that, at 3,... Read more »

My Abuelita

My beautiful Abuelita. We will miss you and love you forever.
When I look back at my many childhood memories, I realize that my Abuelita (Spanish for “Grandmother”), Alaida Rodriguez, was there for all the important moments of my life. She was there during my Kindergarten graduation, my first trip to Disney World and all my birthday parties. She went to my high school graduation and even... Read more »

Being A Grandparent

This week, my Dad is stepping in and writing the blog.  When I was young, I could barely write a sentence, but my Dad worked with me on my writing skills.  Now I get paid to write for a living.  Thank you Dad!   Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!   “Never have children, only grandchildren.” – Gore... Read more »

Never Leave it Too Late

After a long three months in Kazakhstan and a seemingly longer 20-plus hour plane ride alone with me, Dylan was finally settling into his new home in Chicago. All the adoption books warn you not to expose a child to too many people once you bring him home, so although we were anxious to introduce... Read more »