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The longest week

It’s been one of those weeks that took forever to end. It was one of those viruses which make you want to find the parent that sent the kid sick to school to get your own kid sick, and give him/her a piece of your mind. (Although, you will never know for sure how your... Read more »

Toddlers and medicine

I waited the three days required by the office before bringing my feverish and congested four year old to the pediatrician. I joined the other 30 parents who probably waited until Sunday to take their kids to the doctor after restless nights of coughing and sneezing so we could avoid the lecture about being exaggerated... Read more »

Day care cough

It’s not an official condition but I think my daughter has day care cough. A month after starting day care, she got a cold and hasn’t stopped coughing since. Well, I should say it has been much more than a cough.  As of October 18th,  Amelia has had a cold with a fever, pink eye,... Read more »

Adults Only Weekend

Through it all, I have always felt lucky to have Steve by my side.
My Previous Blog > “The Pendulum Swings” It took nearly a week for Atia to fully recover from her spinal tap and subsequent 5-day steroid treatment. During that time, we dealt with some pretty severe mood swings, including kicking, screaming and tons of crying. However, once we got past all of that, everything moved along... Read more »

In Isolation: No Visitors Allowed!

My sister, Julie, and my dad at my wedding six years ago.
My Previous Blog > “Giuliana Rancic From E! News on Ay, Mama!’s Radio Show” One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do. Two can be as bad as one, it’s the loneliest number since the number one. — “One” by Three Dog Night Last January, with a temperature of 103.4 and a low white... Read more »

The Tides Changed: From Health to Hospital

January 2010
My Previous Blog > “Popular Chicago Blogger and Reality TV Star Team Up to Raise Awareness for Childhood Cancer” Atia had been battling a cough and runny nose since the Sunday following New Year’s Day (2010). We watched her like a hawk, frequently monitoring her temperature. She didn’t have a fever, which was good because those... Read more »