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Toddlers and sleep

But who will go driving a three year old at 3AM so she can fall back asleep. Maybe I should start taking her to work with me. Ay Mama!
We have been blessed with a healthy, smart, beautiful little girl. With that said, we have been cursed with a child who fights sleep with every fiber of her being. We have a video monitor so we have see her trying to stay awake. Even talking to herself to stay up.  It’s been this way... Read more »

To Bribe or Not to Bribe?

When my daughter, Lucia, was born she slept in bed by my side every night.  It felt natural and easy to have our newborn next to me during night time and breastfeeding felt like a breeze.  Both Enrico and I loved it; we were happy with the family bed during Lucia’s first couple of months. ... Read more »