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Visiting Orlando (No, not Tony or Bloom)

Scott & I were invited to a family wedding. It’s the first wedding we’ve been invited to in a loooong time, as most of our friends are either having babies or in the ‘raising kids’ mode. So a wedding is novel to us again. Well, the wedding was in Orlando, Florida. In January. The kids... Read more »

And Dreams Do Come True...

My Previous Blog > “One Year Since Diagnosis” “A dream is a wish your heart makes…” — Disney’s Cinderella  Five years ago, I was paralyzed with fear after receiving a dismal prognosis. I had stage IIIb melanoma. There are only four stages of skin cancer, with the fourth being terminal and I was teetering on... Read more »

Florida! Here We Come!

Bye, Florida! We'll see you next time.
My Previous Blog > “Adults Only Weekend” By the end of February (2010), things were looking up. Atia had been undergoing Maintenance treatment for over three months and was processing it well. Asher was nearly five months old and more interactive by the day. Life was becoming somewhat “normal.” We decided to take a quick trip to... Read more »

Happy Earth Day!

A big concern that Ken and I had about having children was what kind of world our kids would inherit. Not that we are over the top with our environmental efforts, but we try to do our part.  We have also tried to teach the boys how their actions can have an effect on the... Read more »