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Fighting her fight

The Belaval-Diaz kids were taught to talk it out; whatever it was, could be solved through dialogue. Like the good Catholics Mami and Papi are, they raised their kids to always “turn the other cheek.” As a girl, that worked very well, but even my parents agree that my brother Mario would have been better... Read more »

My Father the Hero

My Father the Hero
Growing up I was very close to my Dad.  He was always a lot of fun; we went to the beach together, Chuck E. Cheese, the movies and to eat ice cream at the Howard Johnson’s in el Condado.  He took my sister, Lisa, and I to Disney World for the first time when I... Read more »

Culture shock and marriage

I’ve been married to my wonderfully supportive and culturally open minded husband for almost 10 years. Even though he could be considered an expert in Puerto Rican female behavior, which is known to be “passionate” (more like crazy), Steve can still be shocked.  What follows is a tale of one of his encounters with my... Read more »