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Should I Take Ratings For Kids Seriously?

Should I Take Ratings For Kids Seriously?
Last week when I dropped Cooper off at school, one of his friends was talking to me about how he was going to see the movie Thor the next day.  As I walked out of the school, I had to check and Googled the movie.  It is rated PG-13.    I was surprised that this... Read more »

Lunch at Kohl Children's Museum

Sandra is constantly taking pics of our girls together. We are determined to have our daughters grow up as cousins. Both of our families are back in PR, so we are each others connection to our loved ones in Chicago.
I’ve complained before about how your girlfriends can get downright mean giving you advise when you are about to have your first child. “You think you can’t sleep now? Wait until he/she is born. You’ll never sleep again!” “Bad day at work? Wait until you have the baby. You don’t know what hard work is!”... Read more »