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Elizabeth Edwards and the gift

Our cousin Debbie found this picture right after my mother in law's death. Always sitting by her beloved husband Howard who she was sure she would survive. He is 13 years older than her. Goes to show us life can always have a different plan for us.
I read it on CNN via Twitter on Monday evening and my heart just crumbled.  “Elizabeth Edwards is surrounded by family and friends in her North Carolina home after doctors informed her that additional cancer treatment would be pointless.” I knew it would be a matter of hours before Mrs. Edwards would end her 6... Read more »

Comer Children's Hospital at The University of Chicago

Last Week’s Blog > “In The Meantime, I’m Pregnant” A week and a half after Atia took those monumental first steps in the hospital playroom, she completed the 1st phase of treatment called “Induction.” Up to that point, she had been receiving chemo for 28 days straight. That prompted an 8-day break; time her body... Read more »

She Has What?!?! This Can't Be Happening.

Last Week’s Blog > “The ER. I Wish It Was Just a Great Show”  To say that Atia’s blood results weren’t good is an understatement. We were told that the CBC test (complete blood count) showed Atia having a 43,000 white blood cell count. This information meant absolutely nothing to us, because we have no... Read more »