Our First Movie Adventure: CARS 2

The boys have never been to the movies at a theater before.  Every Saturday night, we have movie night at our house and take turns picking the movie. We make popcorn and pile on the couch together to enjoy the show.    When we first started this tradition a year ago, Cooper would always select... Read more »

Should I Take Ratings For Kids Seriously?

Should I Take Ratings For Kids Seriously?
Last week when I dropped Cooper off at school, one of his friends was talking to me about how he was going to see the movie Thor the next day.  As I walked out of the school, I had to check and Googled the movie.  It is rated PG-13.    I was surprised that this... Read more »

My Baby Becomes A Toddler

Well, it’s official…I am no longer in the baby stage.  My youngest Cole just turned two and I am so sad.  The last two years went by so fast and my baby is now a toddler.   When I had Cooper, my four-year-old, I remember enjoying every moment, every milestone and making time to take... Read more »