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Let me count the ways...

NEWSFLASH! BOYS ARE DIFFERENT FROM GIRLS!! I’ve read a few stories about adults who have a problem with that statement (??!!) but most of us assume this to be true and I’m not here to dispute it. True, I’m a BoyMom and I don’t know a thing about raising Girls. But honey, let me tell... Read more »

Boys vs. Girls

Are boys really that different than girls? When I first got pregnant, many people told me that boys are easier to raise than girls.  Whether that’s true or not is really a matter of opinion, but here are a few interesting stories to consider.   Take the picture…I dare you! Last week, my son Cooper... Read more »

Super Powers, Spring Fever or Boys Just Being Boys?

Have you ever seen the movie The Incredibles?  In this movie, there is a little boy named Dash who has the super power of super speed.  I am not sure what’s gotten into my boys but I think they now have the power of super speed.    OK, why do I think this you ask?  Lately... Read more »