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Learning to Read

Cooper is starting to read!  It is so cool to see him sound out letters.  The look on his face when he realizes putting sounds together makes a word is priceless.   Reading to the boys has always been a priority for us.  Ken and I read to them at least twice a day, two books... Read more »

Go Ahead...It's Free!

Now that the weather is getting colder, it’s time for me to again hide inside with the boys.  I know, I know…it’s not even that cold outside yet, but I am already in ‘lock down’ mode.    Cooper and Cole are thrilled to have the opportunity to play inside since all Summer, we are on... Read more »

Cooper's 2010 Chicago Tour

Cooper loves Chicago.  He wants to work there, live there, go there everyday.  He loves the ‘towers’ (tall buildings), Lake Michigan, the statues, the museums, everything…except the traffic.  Even a three-year old recognizes Chicago has traffic issues.       One day we were visiting Amelia and he found her book Good Night Chicago.  Cooper was hooked!  It’s a... Read more »

Miscarriage Awareness Month

“Miscarriage statistics aren’t well-publicized. Miscarriage would be much easier if a weight of silence did not hang over the topic. Miscarriage remains an uncomfortable subject in our society. The silence permeating the topic causes more psychological pain for the grieving mother since she is unable to mourn openly and properly. The grieving process provides much... Read more »