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Second time around

“Should I drop her off at school tomorrow” asked our Mima, ready to start the back to school routine. Babysitter drops her off and I pick her up. “No, I’ll drop her off. I have to pretend this is a milestone moment. Other parents will wonder what’s wrong with Amelia’s parents,” I replied as we... Read more »

Camp withdrawal

Camp is over and no, the 4 and half year old is not the one who is going to have withdrawal, it’s mostly her parents. ┬áPre school doesn’t start for 4 more weeks. What am I going to do with my Energizer bunny? It’s not like camp was taking care of her boundless energy, but... Read more »

Ultimate Cop Out

Yesterday was the first day of school. My baby started all day, and now I have to sit down and compose my thoughts into something other than what some raving mental patient would say. You’d have to be a fool (like Mr. T says) to think I can actually function enough to write. Don’t believe... Read more »

Back To School Freak Out

Holy crap. It is upon me. I left work eight years ago to raise my children until they were both in school full time. Well, that happens next week. My baby starts 1st grade and the oldest will be in 3rd. How can this be?  It is really the first ‘letting go’ in our family.... Read more »