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Second time around

“Should I drop her off at school tomorrow” asked our Mima, ready to start the back to school routine. Babysitter drops her off and I pick her up. “No, I’ll drop her off. I have to pretend this is a milestone moment. Other parents will wonder what’s wrong with Amelia’s parents,” I replied as we... Read more »

The longest week

It’s been one of those weeks that took forever to end. It was one of those viruses which make you want to find the parent that sent the kid sick to school to get your own kid sick, and give him/her a piece of your mind. (Although, you will never know for sure how your... Read more »

Jolly Christmas Eve!

Today is perhaps my favorite day of the year. The anticipation in the air. Presents waiting to be torn open. The shopping is finally done and there are thousands of calories on the table begging to be inhaled.  Tradition for my immediate family is to spend today together. My sister, her husband, and their three... Read more »

World Cup and Father's Day

Watching Australia vs Germany. Who says I needed a boy?
The Ay Mama! ladies are relinquishing their writing powers to their husbands in celebration of Father’s Day week. The first one at bat is my better half for the last 8 and half years and hopefully forever, Steve. A lifelong Chicagoan and sports fan, he has never thought twice about sharing his passion for sports... Read more »