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NATO summit & the city kid

Amelia made her stage debut "helping" me with the reading of "A Very Quiet Cricket" during a book drive benefiting Open Books. After that, we watched "A Bear, A Moon and A Caterpillar". Great show for toddlers who love Eric Carle books. At Victory Gardens Biograph through May 27th.
“After tomorrow the NATO ends and we can all go back to our places. We can all be happy.” Amelia, 4 yrs old This is what  my daughter told me at bed time last night after three days of seeing her life inconvenienced by the NATO summit taking place in Chicago.  We live in the neighborhood... Read more »

Attention, attention

I’m determined to have my child speak Spanish.  As many of you know, I’m making every possible effort to make sure that Amelia is fully bilingual.  But it’s not just because being bilingual has plenty of advantages, but also because Spanish is my first language. I was born and raised speaking Spanish on a Spanish... Read more »