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American Idol's Haley Reinhart From Wheeling

In January it begins.  I swear in years past, the only highlight on TV in January was American Idol, but this year? I struggled. No WAY could it ever compare the thrill of having Idol finalist Lee DeWyze be from my town. All the signs. T-Shirt Tuesday. Crowded Idol viewing parties where he’d silence us all, then we’d roar... Read more »

Adios, Spring Break!

Cancun. Daytona. Panama Beach. South Padre Island. These names just evoke collegiate spring break madness. Close your eyes and imagine these places and what do you see? Half naked co-eds, palm trees, beer at noon, sun, beaches. MTV Beach Party? Belly flop contests? Were you one of those co-eds once? If so, I hope you... Read more »

New Year's Nesting: Getting "Life" in Order

We are happy to welcome back, Lisa Matthews, as our guest blogger.  Enjoy!  For the past the past several years, on Christmas Day, my teenage son retreats upstairs to his room with all his loot, clothes, posters, trinkets, etc. that Santa, et al. left for him under the tree Christmas morning.  He hibernates upstairs for... Read more »

Are you a "Glam Cam" Reject?

Love & Glitter!
Do you remember my friend Lisa Matthews and her Adam Lambert obsession?  Well, I asked her to be my guest blogger for this week; so prepare to enjoy a hilarious entry from my always funny friend, Lisa. For those of you who read my first guest blog you know how insanely obsessed I am with... Read more »

Where Did The Time Go?

On my wedding day, a friend gave me some advice.  They told me to take everything in that day as it would be one of the best days of my life, however it would go by quickly.  They were right, it was one of my best days, but it went by much too fast.   When I... Read more »

Lee DeWyze Wins American Idol-Mt Prospect's Viewing Party!

Look at the sign!!!
When I sat down to watch the start of my 8th American Idol season, during the cold snows of January, I thought to myself the exact thing I think every year. “I am SO excited to see who we find this year.” Followed by: “I cannot wait for the finale because then it will be... Read more »

American Idol's Lee DeWyze Viewing Party Wednesday Night!

Click Here for our Regularly Scheduled Tuesday Blog > “Random Acts of Kindness”    Lee at his hometown visit FOX is coming for a live feed Wednesday night to Mt. Prospect’s Village Hall. Here is the official Press Release: Mount Prospect resident Lee DeWyze is one of AMERICAN IDOL’s top two finalists. In celebration of... Read more »

All That Glitters...Is Gold!

Adam Lambert
Lisa Matthews is our guest blogger for today.  Mother of three teenagers.  Soccer Mom, math tutor, swim team?  Been there, done that.  Now, she needs something new, something exciting…And this is how the Adam Lambert obsession begins. Okay, so I’ve watched Food Network’s Ina Garten prepare Jeffrey’s “Favorite Friday Night Chicken” at least a half... Read more »

Our Very Own American Idol

I have a cold. For me, that means I get kinda spacey. Coming up with something to write this week seemed such a daunting task. Good ideas would pop up, but nothing I could really nail down, until I realized that I kept drifting back to the same topic: how totally awesome Lee DeWyze was... Read more »