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Does anyone remember the old Sesame Street song “The Backwards Alphabet”? I know my sister does, because we sang it in recent years with our own kids. Really, don’t you need to know how to say the alphabet backwards anyway? Z Y X W V U… My kids get a kick out of how one... Read more »

Seasick! -or- Singing the Wrong Lyrics

 Welcome to a “best of” week for me at Ay, Mama! Summer is in full swing and we are so busy, I chose to enjoy the time with my family and that left no time to write. This is, however, my favorite blog I’ve ever written for Ay, Mama! Enjoy. The kids and I were... Read more »

June Hymn

Summer seemed an ocean away when,a few months ago, I shared the lyrics to ‘The Decemberists’ “January Hymn“. Now with summer just around the corner, it’s time to share their thoughts on summer in their song from the same album, ‘The King is Dead’:”June Hymn”. (For a live performance of the song, click here.) Personally, I... Read more »

Songs of Summer

“Hot fun in the – Sum-sum summertime…and the livin’s easy.” There are a ton of songs with the word summer in them. I sat thinking of a few for this blog and about 50 came to mind, ranging from Janes Addiction screaming out the word SUMMER to Grease’s “Summer Lovin”. But this is not just about a... Read more »

January Hymn

Oh, January. We’re here- at least those living in colder climes- braving through what I feel is the worst time of the year. The holidays are over, and in fact, there aren’t many days off for a long, long time. It’s cold. It’s dark. Sigh… Calgon… Damnit, I’m not gonna stew in it. Bite it, SAD. The days are getting longer-we have... Read more »

Who IS This Good King Wenceslas Anyway?

I wrote this right before I got Scott’s email with his Christmas carol rant. He wants to hear more religious songs around the holiday, and since I hear about it annually, it was time to share what I get an earful of. I apologize for the late timing of this blog. I was going to... Read more »

Sounds of the Season

Last week, I asked my husband Scott to write a paragraph for my blog about the worst Christmas songs. Well, this is what I got back this week, literally the moment I saved the blog I wrote for today. His put mine to shame, so ladies and gents, you’ve read them, you love them-without any further ado, a... Read more »

More About Farts? Really?

I know, I know… like you don’t have to deal with this topic enough with your kids, now you have to read about it (again)? Maybe you’ll have a laugh at least… For some reason I cannot fathom, farts have been surrounding me lately. Ha! That made me laugh to re-read, because I mean the... Read more »

Earworms-or-Get That *&! Song Outta My Head!

Earworms-or-Get That *&! Song Outta My Head!
We’ve all had it happen. You walk around all day with a song in your head. But no, it’s not the light-hearted, I’m so happy-look at me singing a song. It’s more like- get this song out of my head, I cannot stop singing it! For me, to exorcise the demon, I have to listen... Read more »

That's What the Song Says?

I love music. I come by it naturally, as my Dad has thousands and thousands of reels, albums, tapes, CDs and maybe even a few MP3s in his collection. Music can cheer us up, make us cry. Take us back to that 8th grade dance, or remind us of that one concert when… I love... Read more »