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Postpartum Reflections

Postpartum Reflections
Today, I get to show off my better and funnier half. My husband Scott wanted to do one of his famous sports rants (and you may see one of those someday), but this being our Fathers Day week, he discusses his first impressions on fatherhood. My first born, Zoe, turned eight on Memorial Day.  Sam... Read more »

Postpartum Depression: PART 2

My newborn son and my daughter undergoing intense chemotherapy.
Last Week’s Blog > “It All Caved in on Me: Postpartum Depression” Today’s entry is a continuation of last week’s. As I mentioned, it’s frightening exposing my innermost feelings, emotions and experiences for all to see, to judge, to read. I feel naked and extraordinarily vulnerable. My hope is that my message will bring comfort to those going... Read more »

It All Caved in on Me: Postpartum Depression

Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett and son, Hank IV
Last Week’s Blog > ‘Random Acts of Kindness: The San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon’  Leaving the hospital after giving birth is an exciting, monumental experience. It signals the beginning of your new life as parents (or your new life as parents of two or more). It also means that you finally get to introduce... Read more »